Working ansible command/task for restarting nodes

I didn’t find any working ansible commands to do something on a node, then reboot it, wait for it to come back and do other stuff, so I experimented around and wrote a working
You’ll probably run into trouble when your SSH port is not 22. I guess you can write something with jinja2 syntax to get the SSH port from ansible.
It probably will not work at all, if your SSH port is defined in an ssh_config file (Read the man page for that name, if you don’t know what it is, if you’re interested) and not the ansible hosts list.

I tested this on Ansible and it works here.

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keepassx search entries

Hi, this is Thermi writing. I am a long time friend of Hypfer and author of this post.

Today, pwnedlist notified me, that data of an online service I was using was stolen and they found one of my email addresses in the stolen data, as well as my password. The source of that data was only ominously named as “Large credentials cache”, so it was not immediately clear where it came from. Because I use a password safe, I can search in it for entries, but sadly only for names. So I couldn’t search for the password, but I could export the contents of the database as XML!

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strongSwan als unprivilegierter Nutzer laufen lassen

Wer strongSwan benutzt und dem beim Gedanken Netzwerkdienste mit root laufen zu lassen etwas übel wird, kann beruhigt sein:
Man kann strongSwan als unprivilegierten Nutzer laufen lassen!
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