DIY Smartmirror – Interface Update

Quite some time has passed since I’ve build this mirror. I used it to rework the UI.


(Demo, Not all features shown)


  • Gcal next event
  • Temperature forecast for today
  • Bank account balance using HBCI
  • Time/Date
  • Sunrise/Sundown
  • Wind
  • Current weather/temperature (Red/Blue when very hot/cold)
  • Notification “Stack”

The notification stack is basically a stack of icons which notify you about.. stuff. Stuff that includes:

  • Pollen count (Opacity shows the intensity)
  • UV-Index (Do I need sunscreen?) (Opacity shows the intensity)
  • Weather Warnings (Thunderstorm/Storm/Ice/Rain/Fog)
  • Rain reminder (Do I need an umbrella today?)

Of course one could easily expand this, but currently I have no idea what other useful stuff I could add.

You can find my fork here:

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